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I love movies based on true stories, laughing from my gut, the scratch of a needle on an old vinyl, saving my pennies to see the world,
a solid glass of Malbec, MadLibs on road trips, sleeping in when it's raining, any book by Anne Lamott, lightning bugs in the summertime, roasted Brussel sprouts, a gritty soulful voice like Chris Stapleton or Ray Lamontagne, and sitting still long enough to really breathe in enough air that my body relaxes. I fill most of my calendar with cheering on those two handsome youngens pictured above at baseball games, having adventures at the creek by our house, playing pick-up basketball in the driveway, making sure they're wearing clean(ish) clothes, and trying to keep them fed with more than fruit snacks and granola bars. And that dashing architect on the right? We can often be found listening to live music at Knuckleheads, walking our black lab around the neighborhood, and celebrating how good and gracious Jesus is to us at our church alongside some of the best people we know.